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GREENSBORO, N.C. — "I am confused about how face masks should be worn. I called a health facility and was told to wear the white side out and the blue side in. I've heard conflicting reports from other places,” writes a WFMY News 2 viewer. Respirator Mask Filter

Is my mask on inside out or backwards? |

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We want you to have the facts about those blue and white surgical masks. This graphic is from the World Health Organization.

The blue or colored side is supposed to be worn on the outside. The white side is to be worn inside.

What's the big deal? The blue side is waterproof -- keeping droplets from others from penetrating into your mask. The white side is absorbent -- so if you cough, your droplets are trapped in your mask.

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If you don't have a surgical mask, don't worry. Health experts are saying any kind of face covering is helpful. You can use a bandana, a scarf, etc. The idea is to protect others from your droplets. The mask should cover your nose and mouth.

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Is my mask on inside out or backwards? |

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